Originally from Berkeley, CA Felix now lives in Europe. Californian by birth and Cosmopolitan by name, the wealth of the worlds various cultures has been his primary interest since a very early age, an interest which has also led to literature. Reading literature in translation is one of Felix’s favorite pastimes, especially if it’s from Eastern Europe (Russian, Polish, Czech and Hungarian in particular). Other interests include the connoisseuring of music, microbrew, whiskey and wine; traveling; language learning; history; and lamenting the world’s imminent doom.

Felix is primarily a poet. He is more inclined towards traditional styles but is not a restricted adventurer by any means. The subjects of internationality, globalization, culture and the decline of cultural wealth are among his most notable subjects. Feel free to check the publications list here to read more of his work, much of which is available online.

In addition to poetry, Felix also writes blog posts here and there on varying subjects. Also interested in fiction, Felix has nearly completed a novella, titled Calm Before an Earthquake, and will seek out a publisher soon.


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