The Muses’ Days Are Numbered

If I keep writing poems on the train, the forces of literature will judge me as Grabinskiana

At least when America falls, it will be harder for the purgers to liken what I write as Americana

The muse prepares to say goodbye: not even she is immune to today’s unending dysfunction

Is it an AFI-style affliction, or has somebody tampered with the telegraph line of our psychic conjunction?

Was she a Californian with flowers in her hair that, upon my absence, started to wilt?

The drought started around the time I left: on top of a recipe for hate we now have a recipe for guilt

Art can no longer save my state from its imminent demise, but neither now will it save me

Once the Muse casts me loose, it’s only a matter of time before a force of darkness slays me.

Euphoria Is A Funny Thing

Windows are dark in Prague at this hour as post-election hangovers commence

Euphoria is a funny thing in this weird time when nothing, not even my poems, make any sense

More temporary than infatuation, with a dash of whimsy mixed into the goulash pot

But once the goulash is eaten – and it will be eaten fast – what is there left in Mala Strana lacking any rot

A crossroads lies before the Czechs; both paths into the forests have their shadows

I hope their hearts are their lanterns: too much outside the army is shrouded in cameo.

When One Needs A Griffin (or Poetry On The Move)

When penning poems on the train a poet turns mobile like Papusza, our much loved Gypsy bardess in Poland

Now, like her end destination of Gorzów, I am stationary; instead of flowing poems, I orate a command

Is a poem truly stationary, or must we be Romanian word gymnasts training nonstop in the sweaty gym of the world?

If that’s so true, then where are all the great epics now that we are exercising nonstop, flexible and unfurled

Poetry doesn’t come from muscle, say the creative indoctrinators, it is a muscle; where then, does the difference lie in its big, oak coffin?

I should take a walk now and see the results: even so, what’s the point of a horse when one needs a griffin?

Fit Only For The Junker

Here I sit with a 12° ležák, hapless without a Trezor wallet as my fiat currency needs Tony to fix it again

No matter how much crypto I purchase, I can buy more beer but it won’t fix a broken Big Ben

And I sure don’t trust Tony; from hustlers to housewives, who trusts a fixer to fix things a second time?

Illusions flickers at my eyelids, but not the one suggesting that inabilities to fix things don’t lead to crime

Love renders me romantic; drinks squeeze the holy spirit out of my spirit until I can get no drunker

That way I need not pretend I can fix anything, as souls and romantics are unfixable, fit only for the junker

Worldwide Calcification

Pink rays of light are called the girly color in school, but nothing about the pink sky is girly today

The farms seem fertile enough from the window, but not once have I heard a donkey bray

A sunrise of WiFi rays dispel all mysteries: now there will be none left to dissect even from a frog

Distressed by this, we ready our civilization to find the way back into the tremulous bog

Where mosquitoes bite us day in and day out, and we aren’t burdened with the weight of knowing why

The misty veils of the morning dissipate: the calcification of the world will soon be laid to dry.

Regarding Misfits

I’m sick of hearing the “feel like a misfit” song on hit radio stations blasting through a less magic Prague

I do not need the Dionysians to build a fire beneath my angry head and boil my blood into grog

“Do you ever feel like a misconception” – I want to ask this algorithmic female a question like that

The postmodern lie might permit a slew of hasty evasions, if the weight of her bs had no fat

Wait until the cold isolation of nothingness – the true invisiblity superpower – is smeared across your skin

Wait until the sin of willful ignorance settles upon the mundane minds of your closest and farthest kin

Wait until the opposite sex deletes you like Mark Zuckerburg vaporizes an uncouth, nonconformist Facebook post

Wait until your adventurous intellect is punished for its fruity transgressions, an edible Pacman ghost

Wait until a world of judgment melts the witches of meaningfulness, and dubs it a partition of progress

Wait until your collective castigates you into the lifeless aether with Záviš Kalandra, in the name of regress

Only then come back and sing that gushy song about misfits right to my bearded face

Life isn’t a sappy novel: we misfits can transmogrify much into strength, yet still remain an international disgrace.

An Election Staves Disaster (or Questions)

An election staves disaster; so which is more evil?

Can a tome expand minds? Though slow as a weevil;

Potato…potato…which legume projects the truth?

Can I touch you one day, dear? I’m done acting the sleuth!

How many of our lives stretch from War all the way to Peace?

Or are we all Orkeny stories, fleeting as they cease?

If I make my poems questions, will some reader then think twice?

An election staves disaster; but no one takes that advice.

  • Czech Republic, 2021

On The Day Of St. Wenceslas’ Martyrdom

Grapes line the press but today, all the Czechs are drinking brew made of hops

The emigrants despair, but do not drink because they want to avoid the fucking cops

“Don’t be vulgar on this day, Felix,” dictate the holiest among us after all the groves are shorn

“What would Wenceslas have said?” I ask these porous revenants as Boleslav the Bad browses porn

What world have we here where the atheists remember all the saints and the pious forget?

Is there anything left in this world, save for Svaty Vaclavs’ brew, that can still be called legit?

  • Prague, St. Wenceslas Day, 2021

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