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Dear readers,

My next collection, a micro-chapbook titled Epicurean Ruminations from Turin & Beyond, is now available as a free download here. Enjoy!


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Dispersing Hipsters

They attempt to justify supposed intellectual creatures

Lurking within Borgesian labyrinths at the depths of a soul

Somewhere in the country, displayed garments of culture

Drooping limp across rolls of saturated fat;


Philistine citizens conduct strange experiments

Appropriating miniskirts overly fragranced by

Papaya smelling permacultures from Grasse,

Proceeding to plunder Alexandrian libraries soaring high

Above ruined bazaars teeming with honest people’s

Honest hobbies; these too will be appropriated before long


Once they have stripped the heirs of intellect

To their white, glaring bones, abdicated forcefully

From thrones bedecked with gemstones that signify

Significance, monetarily and aesthetically removed

from their rough cone of kimberlite;


Parading around SoCal city centers seldom

Lacking funds for their obsequious projects,

Laden with samplers of these weighing spoils while

Feigning understanding until earholes gush red

Chugging microbrews of misinterpretation while

Scratching the grooves of time-warped vinyl LP’s;


Islay scotch spills onto Macintoshes directed to

Websites with Indie music reviews and urban dictionaries,

Then choosing to peruse some dark Dostoyevsky,

Another round of Russian roulette in Hemingway’s hotel;


Patient peoples linger this whole time, eagerly

Waiting for the scientific process to occur

When, with nothing left to desecrate, they

Disperse into the stratosphere, as naturally

As the persecuting gin that expels the carbonation from

The tonic water pouring like Yosemite down celebrating throats.


Debut Collection! – A Drinking Horn of Accumulated Expiries

A Drinking Horn of Accumulated Expiries

Dear followers and poetry fans,

I present to you my first collection, A Drinking Horn of Accumulated Expiries. Many months late, but I somehow only realized that it had been published now. Apologies for the delay. You can find it here.

As the name implies, it is a collection of various poems, and because the Poetry Will Be Made By All! Project – which collected poems from 1000 poets born on or after 1989 (link here) – allowed me to set my imagination loose I made this collection a showcase of various different styles. In that respect they are more of a sampling than a cohesive collection, but I personally don’t find anything wrong with that. Pretty much any Selected Poems collection is technically not cohesive either if one thinks about it, depending on the style wielded by the poet of course. And this is like a Selected Poems collection, but in reverse: instead of coming out later, it comes out first.

(The cover is in the standard format that the Poetry Will Be Made By All! project uses for all their collections.)

The plus side to a collection like this is that there is something for everybody here, or so I believe. Themes include travel, rumination, mortality, degradation, unrequited love and of course expiration, which I guess is not too different from mortality.

So do not hesitate to get a copy and see for yourself! So far it’s only in print but I will post an update here if and when it is available in PDF.

Also in other news, this will soon be followed up by a micro-chapbook titled Epicurean Ruminations from Turin & Beyond. The name speaks for itself: epicureans will love it, and puritans will enjoy observing their polar opposite from afar, as they would in a zoo. There’s a great publisher out there called Origami Poems Project who publishes collections that can be printed out and folded, like origami, into a micro-chapbook. Even though it will just be a few poems (and it will also be free and acquirable immediately) I have become an instant fan of the concept of a micro-chapbook as it allows the poet to really showcase the meat of his work without the filler, even more than a normal chapbook. And I say that as one who sighs when I hear of most micro-things these days.

I will announce its publication once it is done, but for now you can view the other poems published by the Origami Poems Project here.

A new poem should be published by Vox Poetica soon, but otherwise that’s it for now. Have a wonderful February, and thanks to all in advance who decide to acquire this collection. To put it mildly, I am profoundly touched by your curiosity.

  • Felix

New Post!

Hi all,

The exploration of Dostoyevsky’s world continues. I’ve started the first in a three-to-four article set about the stage in Dostoyevsky’s life when he was re-establishing himself in St Petersburg after his Siberian punishment and exile. You can read the post here.

More should come in the near future, depending on my schedule and reading list. Hope all is well with all of you.

Respectfully yours,

  • Felix

Politicians, Global Citizens, Convening in Davos

Activists and architects of political power

In negative degrees of inclement weather


Choose waning Romansch country as their focal point:

It is here where utopians battle the dystopians


Both sides advocating impossibility

In their fervent search for sustainability


Where elephants once trod

Oliphaunts stampede


Unleashing power and emotion from

A cozy Piz Gloria of cacophonic commotion


Pinky fingers moist with saliva,

Chilled from the draft position themselves:


For within a small matter of time’s progression

The great wide world will achieve salvation.



This is about the World Economic Forum in Davos. Though much important talk about the world economy was covered, the visit of Trump and the gathering of power, as well as that of a random slew of NGO’s and others who are more defined by their social politics than role in the economy, make the current forum in Davos quite fascinating for me. Economics, by itself so productive a force in bettering the human condition, is being intertwined by all kinds of other things as it always is, in a part of Europe where an endangered language might die in our lifetime. An interesting scenario anyway.


NOTE: this poem was written for Rattle’s Poets Respond, where poets write about current events. To submit to Poets Respond or to simply see what other poets are responding to, click here. I recommend it!

New Dostoyevsky Post!

Greetings Dostoyevsky fans,

Ever wondered how much time one should spend reading the works of Dostoyevsky, the Master of Petersburg? The answer is of course, as long as it takes to read everything! But for those not sure, I wrote a post about a minor work of his, Netochka Nezvanova. To say that it was an important work for Dostoyevsky is a given: it was his first attempt at writing a full-blown novel. But to me this has a special place as it led me to realize not only the enormous greatness of Dostoyevsky as a writer in general (if a minor work of his resonates as well as a major one, that is a good sign right?) but as one of my favorite authors of all time.

Need more convincing? Read the article here.

A happy Advent to you all!

  • Felix

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