For Dostoyevsky fans…

Dear all,

Thanks to a new life development I’ve found a new outlet for some writing. My first piece, related to the promotion of an adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s novella Notes From the Underground, has been published here.

Dostoyevsky is one of my all-time favorite writers, so much to where the nonsensical arguments made nowadays about him being an “emo” writer almost make me resort to offense. Though some works are weaker than others, I have never read a Dostoyevsky work that has not made me think about a slew of different issues. While Crime and Punishment is undoubtedly his best, The Double and The Gambler hilarious, Notes From the Underground intensely psychological in a personal way and Netochka Nezvanova incredibly tragic but great for music lovers, The Brothers Karamazov is by far my favorite work by him, perhaps due to the siblings resembling my own (which would make me, for better or for worse, equivalent to Ivan Karamazov). For those who haven’t read anything by the Master of Petersburg who are wondering where to begin, I suggest Crime and Punishment. That’s where I started. Most people I know who don’t like Dostoyevsky have made the mistake of starting with The Idiot – a, dare I say it, idiotic decision xD – and while I haven’t read it yet it’s obvious that it’s not the best place to start with him. If the reader is able to find Roddy Raskolnikov accessible to them, then the rest of Dostoyevsky’s psychologically tormenting world will be open to them.

At any rate I suggest you all check out the film, as well as some of the films VM Productions has made. I’ve put some Amazon links below, as well as all the other necessary ones. VM Productions is a film company based in the LA area devoted to reimagining literary classics in a 21st century urban LA atmosphere. Notes from the New World is their film based on Dostoyevsky’s Notes From the Underground, while Shades of Day is based off of the well known short story White Nights, one of the most moving pieces of literature ever put to pen. I should be having some more posts on this website, so for anybody interested eyes open.

In other news, another poetry submission is scheduled for mid-May. I’ll update you all when that happens.

But for now, I wish you all a merry April.

Respectfully yours,

  • Felix


Links for VM Productions:



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