New Poem on Ink, Sweat & Tears!

Dear all,


Poem number 6 has just recently aired on Ink, Sweat & Tears. Here is the link:

Felix Purat

Ink, Sweat & Tears is an online poetry website that very regularly posts pretty good poetry. Those who can’t get enough poetry in their life in general should check it out!

I noticed that the link to my Pulsar publication doesn’t lead there anymore. The Pulsar magazine seems to have refurbished itself and any publications before March 2016 have vanished. At some point I will upload a copy of the poem on a PDF. I’m considering that for the other poems as well.

And also I will soon publish a trio of poems on this website. So eyes open for that! These poems are good for other magazines but were written during timely events so for that reason I think it’s better to just post them here.

Have a good Autumn!

– Felix


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