Update: 4/18/16

Bonjour amici,


I hope everybody has been having a good April. I know some have been bummed that I discontinued book reviews as well as my book list page. On the Gore Vidal-JD Salinger spectrum of how reclusive a writer becomes, I certainly veer more towards the Salinger side of life. I kept the reviews though, so maybe 15 years from now if I become famous somebody may publish these reviews in a collection of criticism. And it’s also not the end of the world: I have a Goodreads account with many more reviews, albeit less formal ones. I’ve added the link on my brand new contacts page, which is one of the main reasons I’m writing this. If people want to get in touch more directly for whatever reason, they can send queries/compliments/hate mail (though preferably not)/etc. to diogenesofcosmopolitania@gmail.com. On this brand new contacts page, people will also find a link to my Goodreads profile. I will keep writing reviews there when I have time, but there I feel less pressured in pumping out reviews in ten minutes while on here it took much longer.

Freeing up my time has led me to other good news: I am very near completing an unexpected satire that arose from an unforeseeable urge from the left curve to write a fan fiction in homage to Mikhail Bulgakov, whose great novel The Master & Margarita has skyrocketed up my favorites list (my review for it is here). It has been a very fun and productive time, fueled by Voltaire, Jolly Ranchers, funny YouTube videos, Lithuanian polyphonic music, Johnny Cash and tamarindos con chile that I purchased in a hella Mexican taqueria in Madera, CA that served some of the best tacos in the whole damn state. I forgot how spicy and weird tamarindos are. :p

I plan on finishing this satirical novella soon, the plan being to self-publish it through Lulu before I depart on the next phase of my less reclusive normal life, a phase that will give me the opportunity to visit the birthplace of the mighty god Zeus and the den of the Minotaur (obvious clues there, I know). At first the satire will be self-published in physical format since this is my first big publication of any kind and I want to put a copy on my shelf next to masterpieces to bask in like a narcissist. 😀 But I plan on making an ebook version as well. Even though I am a strident supporter of the traditional book, I am not opposed to ebooks since their format provides an alternative method for people who are otherwise put off from reading to enjoy the big bad world of literature, whether it’s because they like to read from monitors, they don’t want to waste paper, or they simply don’t want to look uncool holding one of those old fashioned books in the subway by keeping it hidden in their smartphone. (I’m kidding, relax 😀 )

So that’s that. While the next couple of months will be busier, I am entertaining other possibilities of things to do. As much as I’d really hate to have a tweety bird account on a website called Twitter – especially now that they somehow think it’s progressive to found things like a Truth and Safety Committee, or whatever they call that Orwellian mechanism – spreading awareness is of course important. So if I do I will post as much to let readers here know. I’m also toying with the idea of creating some podcast-style videos on YouTube, now that I have a Google account (I sound so technologically backwards, I know: it’s not for the reasons you think). I have the feeling that some people would enjoy hearing any samples I post of works read out loud, or maybe I might read from other novels once I check to see if I’m not breaking any copyright laws or anything by doing so. That would also be a good place to funnel in any socio-geopolitical opinions I have: best to keep these things in one place and nowhere else. :p

And finally, some time ago I started a big project by the same name as the new email address, Diogenes of Cosmopolitania. It’s a loose kind of project: part Greek mythology, part Athenian philosophy, part testament of internationalism, part conspiracy story, part homage to intellect and knowledge, part cry for joie de vivre, and undoubtedly it will represent many more things as it progresses. I mention this because even though I won’t be finished with this for some time, I am almost ready to post an excerpt for your viewing pleasure. So there’s that to look forward to in the near future.

Anyway I think that’s it for now. Thanks a lot for your continued occasional browsing and lingering. Or as they say in the next new language I am learning: Σας ευχαριστώ.


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